ArtCar Festival

In this project, you will see a series of posters and Guerilla marketing campaign for ArtCar Festival. From designing logo sketches to choose the best fit typeface and slogan for the festival to create a Guerilla advertising campaign. Let’s imagine that one day you are joking at Boston Common and see these decals as in the picture 1,2, it will scatter around public places such as parks, theaters...People will ask and curious what is that? And on the way going to work or come back home, when they look at some of the landmark buildings such as Federal Reverse building.... they will see a real car (which will be decorated by real materials such as flowers, seashell...) on the side of the building will have the graphic of the decal that they have seen before. It has a connection between two of them. This campaign has a big impact, real emotion, felling, make the viewers want to go the festival.